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Maximize visibility and reduce costs.

Browsers.org is a free service for monitoring your website. Our goals at Browser.org are to reduce costs and increase visibility in search results. We believe that many small and medium-sized businesses are paying too much money for website maintenance and hosting and get no results at the end of the day. With our service get the notification when your website is down. And with our partners at Exai.com we provide you with the best solution for your business.  

Domain Expired

This means you will need to renew the domain (ex. domains: 'google.com' , 'browsers.org').

Domain not connected correctly to the DNS 

DNS links the site's IP to the domain - make sure it is connected.

DNS not responding on time

The DNS took too long to translate the domain to an IP and you got timed out.

Firewall problems

 Over The firewall guarding the PC hosting the site doesn't allow to reach it.

IIS / Apache problems

 The program responsible for sending the HTML +files from the server is not doing so.

Disc problems

Not enough space on the hosting machine can cause it to malfunction.

HTML/ Java script / CSS problems 

Broken HTML/CSS/JavaScript can make the website not appear.


Some sites have weaknesses that hackers can exploit to harm the functioning of the website.  

These days, hosting companies are offering you 99% uptime of the hosting. 

You would think this is great, but IS it? 

Even dough your hosting is up, the website can be down due to some error in the DNS and you are left with a problem that you don’t know how to fix. 

Most of the other tools for monitoring on the internet only monitor your website, but then what? 

Hire an expensive programmer to fix it? 

That can settle you back a significant sum of money.

With Browser.org you can subscribe and receive the problem and the solution.